July 14, 2004  

fuck people

Maybe its because I have a cold.
Maybe its because I'm in the first week back of term.
Maybe its because I've taken 8 tablets in the last 9 hours.
Or possibly, and this is the most probable solution, its because in general people suck and are the worst species God created. Why couldn't I have been born a cat? Cats don't have any moral or social responsiblity. They do whatever the damn hell they please. Plus they're not completely smelly and ugly as dogs. No offence to dogs.

The formals coming up, in 3 weeks time. And I hate it already. Basically the story is, my circle of friends plus dates, which adds up to about 40 people are trying to organise tables. Well, actually one girl is organising tables and she's doing a goddamn hard job at it, as whatever happens, someones not going to be happy. She spent about three weeks organising the tables and finally we were all content with it. My table was perfect, I had fun people on it and everything.
Of course, that was until this girl from school we know cracks the shits because we haven't included her in our plans. Well, we just assumed that she was going to plan something with someone else considering she only ever hangs around with the group maybe once every 10 days. Its not that we don't like her, she's been a good friend to me but she goes and cracks the shits and everything has to be changed to suit her.
I wanted to sit with my three best mates from school. Now I can't, so she can get her way, when no-one else even particularly likes her besides two of my best mates.

So I was talking to her boyfriend today, and him being the little mindless sheep he is went and told her that I hated her. All I said to him was "Yeah, I wish I could sit on a table with Ebony, but if thats the way things work out, myeh" or something akin to those words. Then the girl has the nerve to send me an abusive message saying I can't have all 3 of my best mates. I realised that! And I accepted that

I have to wind this post up cuz my bro wants to use the net, but I'm also undergoing a huge guilt trip because another friend confided something in me, and I should have just stuck my big fat foot in my big fat mouth, but I didn't, and blurted it out to people in one of our classes together. I really hope he doesn't hate me for it, but I can understand why he would. I am the worst at saying inappropriate things at times.

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