July 31, 2004  
Mr Cellophane should have been my name. Cuz you can walk right by me, something or other.
Quiet Saturday night at home... Chugged back a few woodstocks with my sister and her best mate while the boy went off to support one of his mate's bands.
I watched the classical, romantic, comedic tale of house of 1000 corpses. It was quite the alright. I can understand that their are some Rob Zombie junkies out there, and I would really like to see the sequal. It didn't help that the DVD kept fucking up, RIGHT at the good bit. Goddamn boyo I was mightily pissed off but I guess that shows the true blue greatness of the good ol' VHS video tape.
Now my sister is watching a dodgy bootleg filmed-from-the-cinema version of Finding Nemo. The graphics don't amuse me. Fucking pixelated fuckety fuck fucks. Those dodgy indonesians! I bet they deal crack to 8 year olds. Oh well, not my fault. The little dipshits probably deserve it.
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