July 26, 2004  
The standard post Weekend blog entry. I'm still tired, sitting here on a Monday after school while so much has seemed to happen.
I'm currently listening to Staind... and just as I said that, it finished and started on Mighty Bosstones. Here's an awesome little bit of street art I found on the net, through the links at livid

... and a funky button found somewhere.

I love my best mates. First, the boyfriend. He's just great.... he used to be paranoid and sometimes still is, (and he's E M O ! ). Speaking of emo, I found this nifty livejournal emo thing... its great:
  to the hardcore. But he's 5w33tc0r3 and he's mine. woot i just typed in leet. Haha... Yeah. Fucking lame...Anyway, Friday, I got incredibly munted at a few pubs  and munted alot. Hoorah for vomit. I am after all, vomity vomity Emma. But all in all it was a good night, and I polished off a mini bottle of bourban, half a mini bottle of vodka and quite a few bourbon and cokes.
Blargh. Being back at school, I realise I totally love my friends. They're awesomest ever. They all know how much they mean to me.
Can't be stuffed typing any more... myeh

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