July 09, 2004  

Stealing cars

My family must not have the best of luck with cars. Yesterday I walked around the front yard, as you do, and I noticed a sleeping teenage boy in the passenger seat of my brothers car. I stood there, coming up with all sorts of explanations, my favorite being that he was a carjacker with narcolepsy who had happened to fall asleep at the most unfortunate of moments. However, he looked up and stared at me.
What did I do? Stare right back. After a few minutes of staring I carefully retreated back into my house to tell my family what was going on.
It turns out that my Dad, who runs a football magazine was supposed to guide him as a work experience kid. The freaking kid had been sitting in the car for half an hour while Dad came inside the house and did his own thing!
So I did the courteous thing and invited the lad in for a cup of coffee

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