August 31, 2004  
I've been doing that insane toilet dance when your sitting down, and you need to piss but you really can't be stuffed getting off your ass. Damn I hate that. I'm updating my layout... a greyish and brown layout, with a line from one of my 5 year old teen angsty poems. I really have to mind some of them and write them up on here. I've got one I wrote on my cupboard door at the start of the year. Shall write it... perhaps... One day.
Tag me!

August 30, 2004  
Whenever I go to blogger, it says Dashboard, and I keep thinking I renamed my blog or something in appreciation of THAT emo band.
My cable internet is fine and dandy, thanks for asking guys. I've already downloaded about 200 songs, and these are the reccomended artists for today's listening pleasure. Oh and when I say listenining pleasure, I don't mean that I'm hosting it, go download it yourselves you lazy pricks.
Ben Folds
Ben Kweller
Louis Armstrong
Ani Difranco
The Presidents of the USA
The Vines
The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff
Scissor Sisters
Franz Ferdinand
Mad Caddies
Jimi Hendrix
Harry Connick Jr.
George Clinton
Gary Jules.

August 27, 2004  

mars volta rock

i got cable internet. yayayayay! if only i didn't have siblings that i had to share it with. what a piece of gay.
i cried this morning. people suck.

Sorry for such a short post. I'm not in the mood to be smart or witty or anything that I'm not normally.

August 22, 2004  

AlohaHOYalohaHOYaNOOKAnookaUPawapa ah. CHACHACHA.

This weekend has been one filled with obstacles. Oh no Johnny know, put the kitty down and get rid of those scalpels. Its time to suck some hard cock, y'all.

Gotta quit the addiction, it be killing me and my relationships. I'm not putting up too much info on here, but anyone who knows me at all knows what i'm talking about. Went to Melb Uni Open Day today. it was enjoyable i suppose, i missed the actual information session, and the bbq but had a big greasy burger, and kfc, and other random shit as I loaded on the calories and fat. Oooh yeah. Man I just did a fart and it fucking reeks. I think that coincides with my chosen topic of speech.
People in the back ground, I'm half asleep and not even on the net while I'm doing this, so besides Sonic Stage fucking up on me this is all I can, or really want to do on the computer. I've done a little more work in photoshop, its still very shit comparitvely but myeh it passes valuable year 12 homework time I should be making use of.
WATCH ME FAIL ZEUS!!! JUST WATCH ME, I ain't your rocky horror baby.
Man I'm falling asleep badly. Hey does anyone want to host me? I'll be extra nice I promise

August 21, 2004  

"Now I know why you wanna hate me, cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately."aWOMbamBABOObargh

It's strange, I remember when I went to a private girls school from year 7 to the end of year 10. I fucking hated it. I was always in the co-ordinators office or in some trouble.... I couldn't help it, I was a nomad. A free spirit trapped in the confines of pink jumpers and FUCKING SUPER DUPER UGLY jumpers. Kilvington is shit, and if anyone happens to stumble across Judith Potter or Di Fleming in google may hopefully find this random extract to be titled as

* * *aWOMbamBABOObargh
Former student of Kilvington Girls Grammar, Leila Road, Ormond, Victoria and its a shit hole! it has bought the worst years of my life. I hope I can escape the scares that were set on me by that school.

It also doesn't really help that I'm listening to Limp Bizkit - Take a look around.
"I know why you wanna hate me, cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately."
Holy crap as I typed that windows media player mysteriously made itself dissapear, leaving me with the accompaninet of only my fingers pitter pattering on the keyboard. But with no music? What's going on? I dare say that blog geeks who frequently post and read other blogs would be aware of the cultural society in the world. Whats the one useful thing you can access on the internet besides porn, midget wrestling, monkey's crapping and ebay? MUSIC!! the world of digital music. Sigh. I downloaded Ares lite. My Dad has ordered broadband and it will be installed in 6 days. COUNTDOWN!!!!!

I went out last night and it was pretty damn awesome. We stayed at a hotel room and went to 3D, some raver underground club thing. I keep hearing techno and seeing bright lights and phat pants. I like the people, i like the clothes, i like the atmosphere, i like the decorations, i like the dance, i like the drug-affected fuckdness . But not that fucking music. grrr, i danced to it lot anyway...

no more from me. tata

August 19, 2004  
Argh!! fucking media school shiznits!!! I just spent several hours at my school outside of school hours working on my magazine which is due tommorow. Sigh.

Anyway, question time... which isn't working. So far, they're all from xade(on another note, how cool is that word/name? Its the x that makes it so mysterious), and I can't be fudged putting up the response o matic thing again so just ask me via the tagboard. You can do it anonymously if you really wish!

What is a response o matic thing?
Its on all the trendy well made websites, have a browse, you'll know what I mean, just a little text box where you ask a question and press a submit button and voila.
I think it was created out of boredom by a blogger who has good photoshop and greymatter skills, but not writing skills, so they wanted something to take up more of their blog, by getting people to ask stupid random questions. Being the sheep I am, I decided to join the trend

what happened to the comments?
I don't know. They just gayed up on me last week sometime.

Do you feel that this new layout sufficently expresses the amounts of angst seeping through your pores?
Nah, its too cutesy ey? I really need a picture of an emo singer... or actually have a picture of something (if not angst, oil, or even dust) seeping through my pores. What a turn on, I just may go masturbate now... not really.

Did you know that the tag board only allows for a maximum of 200 letters?... poor question four...
Oh no! We must hold a funeral service for question 4 immediately. Otherwise, earth as we know it just may become oblivious. Fucking tagboard. Almost as annoying as everything else on the internet... besides cool people like Xade who ask silly questions!

Where were YOU on the night of the 28th of July... hey???
I actually had to look up my archives for that one... i can't remember what i did. Apparantly I was listening to Black Eyed Peas. And coincidentally enough discussing racial issues with a black man. Go black people. Rock on

Can I expect prompt answers, or am I just gonna get an all emcompassing, 'um, ok... heh' *stepping away from the crazy guy*?


August 18, 2004  

pictures and links galore.

look at the nudies!
look its a pill!!

AHHH!! what is wrong with me? i've spent ages on here and i thought i put the response o matic thing up, i think and it didn't work.

I'm A FREAKING FAILURE!! Oh well I'm not as bad as the following.

Ohhh these sites need plugs, people who have commented here regardless of my failures, xade, modi and Dena. And some cool websites include the following boards. Punk'd, and I love Decay. And nods out to Someone fix my webpage! I'm too lazy to do it

Its Wednesday, 2 weeks left of term, and 2 days until my media folio has to be finished and my literature sac on Closed for Winter. ITS A SHIT BOOK!!! CAN'T YOU CRAZY ASS SHIT BANDITS SEE THAT?!? I SNORED! I LITERALLY FUCKING SNORED IN CLASS!
Once I get the media magazine finished up, which I'm hoping is good, I'll submit it online.

In the words of Groundskeeper Willie from the simpsons, "Ya' heard me"
And remember....

Use a condom!

a nice shot i took of my friend ash.

I'm watching you, punk
i got a little response o matic thing. everyone ask me questions! I don't care what they are, I will answer it.
Yesterday I was in the line at Bi-Lo picking up a few pre movie munchies when the lady behind me in the queue had about 40 or 50 packets of tissues. I thought that maybe she's really cheap and just buys all the sale items in bulk so she saves alot, but looking deeper into her trolley I noticed she just had a few other things, different kinds of tissues and toilet paper... and to top it all off, a pizza base. What the? I started laughing there and then in the middle of Chadstone while the two guys I was with told me to shut up.

oh the humanity.

I just wrote this on the local band message board to a newbie.
Hardihaha I have power. Who are you? Are you worth sacrificing? This is a tight knit community we have. I feel the need to link the following
Decay MB - a funky message board with heaps of awesome photoshop made pictures, my favorite theme is bright eyes.
My Dad finally agreed to get broadband. With 4 ports, and we have 3 computers. Constant internet access. YAYAYAYAY!!!!
August 16, 2004  
would you like to suck my nipple
while pulling down my zipple
i moan just a little
and watch the televizzle!
August 13, 2004  
There's always been a debate about what pop music is and if its bad or not. Sure, most people say they hate pop, but what is pop? Popular. Now we have the rare extremities, Britney Spears, Darren Hayes of Savage Garden (if anyone's heard his new song "Popular" will know what I'm talking about, go download it. But then theres other pop like Ben Folds who I absolutely love and mainstream rock bands like Matchbox 20, Mellencollin and Blink 182.
Its 5:05 pm, I had a big day and I'm bloody pissed off... I lost a gram, my phone got stolen and I'm tired although I have to go to a friend's 18th tonight. Myeeeeeeh just wanna cry. Last week my bourbon got stolen from the after party (due to the boy's stupidity) The chances of getting my phone back are slim to none and my parents are gonna crack the shitties at me, accusing me of losing it. :( Not happy Jan.
I only just got home from school after labouring over photoshop for an hour or so and now I have a Fillet of Lamb microwave dinner in the oven. Yeah I know, its a waste of gas but whatdoyado?! Sleepy time now.
August 10, 2004  

mean people suck

It's amazing how people who claim to be your friends can just ignore you when your feeling down. Not just ignore you, but bag you for no apparant reason to people who are more unstable than a see-saw. Fuck ya's all! Damn people suck. Really. To add on top of that, someone else who is supposed to be one of my good mates completely ignored me today, for reasons I do not know. This weblog layout isn't working. Possibly due to the fact that I am completely ignorant of making websites, I am no longer the year 8 computer geek I once was. I got home and downed a few woodstocks (Yeah, I'm the stable one.. whatever) so now i'm slightly numb, which is fun. I've gone comment whoring around the web, so no-one feel special, it was all in the name of publicity. I wonder how many online diaries/blogs there are online all together. Everyone's trying to gain the attention of other random net geeks who don't particularly care.
Oh woe is me.
August 09, 2004  

Love Shack

I remember listening to, and singing to (thank god for Karaoke) the great B-52's song, Love Shack a seven year old party. Oh don't worry, I was seven too, I'm not that disturbing.

Now thats just sex on legs.

Everybody's moving, everybody's grooving.
Bang bang, on the door baby. Love Shack, baby Love Shack. MAKES ME WANNA RAWK TEH BED DOWN!!!

I'm attempting to do something about this layout business and grabbed bits and pieces from all over the place, including blogdesigns and including my own images blablabla. But its still not working. Someone help me. Where's my comments gone? I'm gonna cry

One last word: Thats where its at. The LUUUUUURVE shack!

  1. Sting:: scorpian
  2. BMW:: Porche
  3. Jeremy:: the clothes company
  4. Audacious:: pompous
  5. Drag Queen:: Priscilla
  6. Title:: Book
  7. Stamp:: Envelope
  8. Bad:: Eggs
  9. Snow White:: Shrek
  10. Delegate:: Politics
Unconscious Mutterings

August 07, 2004  
Walking around aimlessly, inebriated and freezing, in Sandringham and Hampton. Where are we going? Home. How do we get there? We don't know. I hear trains off in the distance and we attempt to find the nearest road with cars on it. Finally, after half an hour of walking, we stop off at a service station... and sit there for agse half asleep casually chatting to the Caltex guy as he gave us free coffee. Customers come in and out and don't bother looking twice.
So many times, on this path I have stopped, he has stopped. I give up. I can't go any further. Its too far, we're not getting anywhere. The beach was cold but we tried to attempt a fire. A fire in the middle of winter.

Anyway, an expansion will be held later

August 06, 2004  
You know what I really don't understand? And there probably is a simple explanation for it, but why people always do the two lines on cheques. Sisters deb last night... i'm still fucked. Formal tonight

August 02, 2004  


... are one of the raddest bands in Australia's history. MTV have just showed every filmclip by them. They make me wanna wave the Aussie flag in patriotic pride and slash prices of all electronic goods. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Someone give me money. Please
Oh and I was fired today. Well not fired, just informed that 'my services are no longer needed' I kinda giggled and said yep sure. I just may be working at Lincraft soon. Hope so anyway


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