August 22, 2004  

AlohaHOYalohaHOYaNOOKAnookaUPawapa ah. CHACHACHA.

This weekend has been one filled with obstacles. Oh no Johnny know, put the kitty down and get rid of those scalpels. Its time to suck some hard cock, y'all.

Gotta quit the addiction, it be killing me and my relationships. I'm not putting up too much info on here, but anyone who knows me at all knows what i'm talking about. Went to Melb Uni Open Day today. it was enjoyable i suppose, i missed the actual information session, and the bbq but had a big greasy burger, and kfc, and other random shit as I loaded on the calories and fat. Oooh yeah. Man I just did a fart and it fucking reeks. I think that coincides with my chosen topic of speech.
People in the back ground, I'm half asleep and not even on the net while I'm doing this, so besides Sonic Stage fucking up on me this is all I can, or really want to do on the computer. I've done a little more work in photoshop, its still very shit comparitvely but myeh it passes valuable year 12 homework time I should be making use of.
WATCH ME FAIL ZEUS!!! JUST WATCH ME, I ain't your rocky horror baby.
Man I'm falling asleep badly. Hey does anyone want to host me? I'll be extra nice I promise

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