August 10, 2004  

mean people suck

It's amazing how people who claim to be your friends can just ignore you when your feeling down. Not just ignore you, but bag you for no apparant reason to people who are more unstable than a see-saw. Fuck ya's all! Damn people suck. Really. To add on top of that, someone else who is supposed to be one of my good mates completely ignored me today, for reasons I do not know. This weblog layout isn't working. Possibly due to the fact that I am completely ignorant of making websites, I am no longer the year 8 computer geek I once was. I got home and downed a few woodstocks (Yeah, I'm the stable one.. whatever) so now i'm slightly numb, which is fun. I've gone comment whoring around the web, so no-one feel special, it was all in the name of publicity. I wonder how many online diaries/blogs there are online all together. Everyone's trying to gain the attention of other random net geeks who don't particularly care.
Oh woe is me.

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