August 21, 2004  

"Now I know why you wanna hate me, cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately."aWOMbamBABOObargh

It's strange, I remember when I went to a private girls school from year 7 to the end of year 10. I fucking hated it. I was always in the co-ordinators office or in some trouble.... I couldn't help it, I was a nomad. A free spirit trapped in the confines of pink jumpers and FUCKING SUPER DUPER UGLY jumpers. Kilvington is shit, and if anyone happens to stumble across Judith Potter or Di Fleming in google may hopefully find this random extract to be titled as

* * *aWOMbamBABOObargh
Former student of Kilvington Girls Grammar, Leila Road, Ormond, Victoria and its a shit hole! it has bought the worst years of my life. I hope I can escape the scares that were set on me by that school.

It also doesn't really help that I'm listening to Limp Bizkit - Take a look around.
"I know why you wanna hate me, cuz hate is all the world has even seen lately."
Holy crap as I typed that windows media player mysteriously made itself dissapear, leaving me with the accompaninet of only my fingers pitter pattering on the keyboard. But with no music? What's going on? I dare say that blog geeks who frequently post and read other blogs would be aware of the cultural society in the world. Whats the one useful thing you can access on the internet besides porn, midget wrestling, monkey's crapping and ebay? MUSIC!! the world of digital music. Sigh. I downloaded Ares lite. My Dad has ordered broadband and it will be installed in 6 days. COUNTDOWN!!!!!

I went out last night and it was pretty damn awesome. We stayed at a hotel room and went to 3D, some raver underground club thing. I keep hearing techno and seeing bright lights and phat pants. I like the people, i like the clothes, i like the atmosphere, i like the decorations, i like the dance, i like the drug-affected fuckdness . But not that fucking music. grrr, i danced to it lot anyway...

no more from me. tata

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