August 13, 2004  
There's always been a debate about what pop music is and if its bad or not. Sure, most people say they hate pop, but what is pop? Popular. Now we have the rare extremities, Britney Spears, Darren Hayes of Savage Garden (if anyone's heard his new song "Popular" will know what I'm talking about, go download it. But then theres other pop like Ben Folds who I absolutely love and mainstream rock bands like Matchbox 20, Mellencollin and Blink 182.
Its 5:05 pm, I had a big day and I'm bloody pissed off... I lost a gram, my phone got stolen and I'm tired although I have to go to a friend's 18th tonight. Myeeeeeeh just wanna cry. Last week my bourbon got stolen from the after party (due to the boy's stupidity) The chances of getting my phone back are slim to none and my parents are gonna crack the shitties at me, accusing me of losing it. :( Not happy Jan.
I only just got home from school after labouring over photoshop for an hour or so and now I have a Fillet of Lamb microwave dinner in the oven. Yeah I know, its a waste of gas but whatdoyado?! Sleepy time now.

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