August 18, 2004  
Yesterday I was in the line at Bi-Lo picking up a few pre movie munchies when the lady behind me in the queue had about 40 or 50 packets of tissues. I thought that maybe she's really cheap and just buys all the sale items in bulk so she saves alot, but looking deeper into her trolley I noticed she just had a few other things, different kinds of tissues and toilet paper... and to top it all off, a pizza base. What the? I started laughing there and then in the middle of Chadstone while the two guys I was with told me to shut up.

oh the humanity.

I just wrote this on the local band message board to a newbie.
Hardihaha I have power. Who are you? Are you worth sacrificing? This is a tight knit community we have. I feel the need to link the following
Decay MB - a funky message board with heaps of awesome photoshop made pictures, my favorite theme is bright eyes.
My Dad finally agreed to get broadband. With 4 ports, and we have 3 computers. Constant internet access. YAYAYAYAY!!!!

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