September 29, 2004  
My parents are going to Canberra tonight for 2 days. Yay! Party in the house! I'm already listening to shitty techno and thinking about alcohol. Not that I have any money cuz the silly dipshits didn't leave me with the $35 that they OWE me. Now I'm just going to have to wait until I get paid from Pumpkin Patch. I thought I was going to get paid yesterday, but no... fortnightly payments apparantly come in AFTER the holidays.
HOW GAYTARDED IS THAT? I've been comment whoring around the web lately. Incase you couldn't tell, because normally I would NOT have 10 comments on one blog entry. I'm working on a new layout. I just suck with all HTML and imaging, but for some reason, I think that I'm ok at writing. I'm not one of those people who are constantly on Hiatus. Damn Hiatus! Why use such a pretty Hawaiin word to describe STOPPING something? Thats what it essentially is. Geez Louise.
Anyway, I'm looking forward tonight, hopefully getting quite the smashed bunny that I truly am supposed to be. I haven't been sloshed this whole holidays, I think its about time I start.
Reccomended downloaded: Ween - Voodoo Lady, Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap, The Velvet Underground - Oh sweet Nothin', Presidents of the USA - Kitty.
Rightio then, I'm done. Go eat some fruit, RIGHT NOW before the acid eats your insides. Rararara.
P.S. I love Modi. She wants to host me. Maybe that means more people will visit me!
September 28, 2004  

Could you leave me with a scar

I have that damned catchy Missy Higgins song in my head. Too much Channel V hurts your head.
Well, the band in a bubble is officially over. Actually its been over for a few days, but I've been too lazy to blog about it. I thought it was great to see my friend's band sticker placed all around it, not that anyone would notice anyway. After reading a small bit about NGV at punkclown I realised its been months since I've actually gone to that gallery. I've been to the city a few times in the last few weeks considering its school holidays and all but
Oooh breaking newsflahs. I just farted, and it smells like Egg. Which is really strange, because I haven't eaten egg lately. Well, that I know of anyway.
I went to the show on Grand final day. Speaking of which, although I generally hate Adelaide, I'm glad Port won because it would just have been depressing if Brisbane won four years in a row. Anyway at the show I got a few different showbags. Including the Powerpuff Girls bag which came with a cute handbag and a wallet. Also got the Girlfriend bag, the Yumi bag and the Cadbury Pick n' mix bag.
I drank some herbal lemon drink, only when I finished it to find out that it had expired some 5 months ago and was quite possibly the reason I felt quesy for the next few days.

In other news, my boyfriend is the greatest. He's just.... wonderful. We had a little argument because I turned off the TV, when he was watching a cooking show, and he didn't talk to me, so I packed up my stuff and left. He came out and chased me like the subserviant little critter I raised and we hugged dramatically on the street. It was great. Anyway, my brother's telling me to get off, and my damn photobucket account is stuffing up again. Someone host me, PLEASE!!!! Goodbye for now!
September 24, 2004  

Food poison

Oh no, I barely attempt at actually cooking anything besides Toast, Frozen TV dinners and oatmeal and when I do, God smites me like a bitch!
Ok, admittedly, I probably should have fully rinsed the frying pan rather then quickly putting it under water and giving it a once over with a tea towel, but its too late for should haves and maybes isn't it?
My food contraption consisted of chicken thigh, prawns, peas and hoi sin sauce. There was little black bits all over it, but for some ungodknown reason, I ate it anyway. There was nothing else to eat that I hadn't eaten in the last few days.
Now I have work in an hour and my tummy is telling me to do something drastic... like vomit or shit.

In other news, I was FINALLY able to download The Eels - Susan's House. It's an awesome song, but abit of a rarity on Ares. It brings me back to watching Channel 10 Video Hits some seven years ago. Another awesome song, I'm not sure what era... anyway, its Brandy's cover of Another Day in Paradise.
September 20, 2004  
Listening to Everclear - Summerland.

I drove with Mum all around the local suburbs so she could work. (She Drops off loads of junkmail to people's houses who deliver them) And it was so reminiscent of me... every other street I saw a house where I knew someone who lived there once. From one girl at Primary school who was excluded by her year level so she hung out with us youngens, and then a person I used to be friends with until we got drunk and yada yada yada. Then there's the girl I know who went to Adelaide for a year to work off a $4000 debt. She was 17 and managed to get herself a credit card. Who the hell does that? I remember getting shitfaced on $12 cocktails with her.
It was my sister's birthday yesterday, she had the traditional 16th party, where her little friends came around. It was rather cute, most of the girls were wearing heels, and I laughed as they dug into the grass. I really don't know my alcohol tolerance, I only had about three or four beers, and one shot of Galliano, but when I went to my room hours later, as soon as I laid down I vomited. Just before I started vomiting my dad walked in the room to check out how I was. I've never been that munted infront of my dad. He did the fatherly sweet thing and cleaned up my bed, then Mum went and cleaned the sheets and the doona. Next thing I remember, Mum was lying next to me in my bed while I blabbered about how I'm worried about my pregnant friend and how all my friends are drug fucks, and that exams are scaring me and pretty much rambled on until she calmed me down. I'm all cool now but I had one hell of a hangover this morning.
I downloaded the Jimi Hendrix set at Woodstock, and its awesome. I really wish I could have been around America then. It's such a shame that an awesome concert like that has ended up in rape and murder in the last few years. Fucking hell, why has the basic incentives of people changed? Why is evil such a good thing these days?
September 16, 2004  

I am no longer unemployed

I now officially have a job, and its NOT in the food industry. I do not sell or make or clean anything to do with food. Its at Southland, of course, at a little Kid's clothing store called Pumpkin Patch (I think its supposed to be like, Cabbage Patch, as in the kids) Or something like that. Anyway, thats really good news, because I start holidays tommorow, and I need to get the moulah in for future financial goodness. A friend of mine is 6 month pregnant, so I'm going to try to get her a whole bunch of clothes for her brand new bubby.

Oh and have I mentioned that the best music reference site on the internet is It absolutely rocks the freaking kazbaar
September 15, 2004  


I was just today talking to my friends about the catharsis (I can't spell) of writing. It can be very therapeutic, just getting stuff out. I don't really put many of my thoughts in this blog any more, its more like a collection of pictures and random notes of "Argh! My layout doesn't work". But although my father tells me otherwise, I don't think I can write very well. I should probably post up some essays and fictional pieces. I went to Southland today after school. Damn cleptomania is a horrible thing, isn't it? I got a little impractical cat toy or something, a tealight candle holder. And I bought candles, and a piece of BBQ chicken pizza from the place next to Macca's. Rene and I decided to have an anti-corporate company lunch and I got pizza, while he got a cheesy buritto and wedges.
September 13, 2004  
Most likely you can't see the blog as you should, but its supposed to have this picture on the right. It looks really good, I swear! I finished about 4 sacs today, including 2 of which were overdue. And I have enabled haloscan comments. Hoorah. I'm so sick of reading and writing about globalisation. Yeah, its inevitable if you study humanity subjects but its just so freaking boring. Exams are getting closer as I speak, and my photoshop skills are utter shit.
Ooh, and this is me. and on decay, I am hated. Yay ness! Also werd out to fickle my nickle.its myspace
September 11, 2004  

Small sample of songs (edited)

Reccomended songs:

Ani Difranco - Wishin n' Hoping
Beth Orton
Bloodhound gang - great white dope
Fiona Apple - Pale September
Jimi Hendrix - Entire Woodstock Set
REM - Everybody hurts
b-52s - Rock Lobster
Millencollin - Kemp
Phantom Planet - Calfironia
Ping Pong Bitches - Chinese Song
Yo La Tengo - The Simpsons end theme
Hey Arnold Theme song.
Jackson Five - Blame it On the Boogie
Hootie and the Blowfish - Let her cry
Semisonic - Closing time
Gin Blossom - Hey Jealousy
Neil Finn - Edible flowers
Pete Murray - Bail me out.
September 09, 2004  
Oh how pathetic. My eyes are going to hurt something chronic, I'm sitting in the computer room and the light's blown, and it'll probably take dad afew days to replace it. Yeah good one, faja! It's coming up to peak time with the exams, and I'm busy as a little nymphomanic bee trying to find an equally slutty bird to fuck. Ok so I changed the old saying abit, kill me why dontcha?

Friday: Business Management SAC: Change in Human Resources
English SAC: Playschool's rights to show two lesbian mothers.
Work for a catering company for as long as I can without dying.
Saturday: A 'surprise' with the boy. We went and had coffee today, walnut cake isn't *that* nice, honestly guys. Nuts shouldn't go in cake. It defies sweet nature. Then Jade's party, down the road kind of.
Sunday: Going to rocknbowl to see the last addiction 64 gig ever! They used to be a great ska band, big ska band, that rocked out and saw its peak in about 2000, or a few years before.
Next Week: Lots of SACS. I don't even want to think about it. No, its not that, its that I can't be fucked checking when they are. A few new links were added to the blog roll, and I'm going to try to make a new layout

September 07, 2004  

September 06, 2004  

chuck taylors and why i hate them.

I freaking hate little brand name punks who have no true sense of musical appreciation. Sure, I don't mind the old school punks, they're fine and dandy in their alternative ways, but new school little shit heads often come from upper-middle class backgrounds and went to private school. They've been 'emo' since Dashboard Confessional made it big, but now thats not so trendy anymore, so they claim to be 'screamo'.
What is it with the idea of non conformity and the contradiction by wearing Chucks? Personally, I have something against the trendiness of converse all stars among punks, when for alot of them, this time last year they were all out supporting avril. but now she's 'sold out' and then they go and try to ruin the scene of alot of good music and i just wanna KILL THEM ALL, by stabbing them repetively with a stanley knife, then slicing out their jugulur and feeding it to vultures, then tie them down, and cut open their chest, and wait for nature to take its toll. Of course there will be flesh eating viruses around to eat their shitty little conformist hearts out.
September 05, 2004  

i said louie louie, ooh yayayayaya

The Kinks - Louie Louie.

Had an alright weekend. didn't get any homework done as per usual, and tried to change this layout, but its still shit. I have absolutely no concept of photoshop and ideas. Its freaknig insane. Someone give me a good idea, its carebears!!! FUCKING!!!
I went to a punk rock goth metal club last night, it was the same 'underground' place at CBD club where 3D, the saturday night ravy thing. it was pretty boring. everyone slammed alot and almost killed me. Well, not really. i was dressed like in street clothe
well there's that. says:
and i didn't have anything'punk rock'
well there's that. says:
but luckily there was a fair few people there in normal clothes
well there's that. says:
i saw this local metal band at Deviate called Catwitch. They sounded like metallica, but dressed like a truckie version of kiss with the full make up, and extra long hair. They were all big and blokey, and the lead singer had metallic baby skulls on his knee caps, 3 each side. Damn I wish I could have taken a photo. It was funny. I want to go to peril, in the city. The guy, went to see, my boyfriend's friend, was playing on bass in the band before, and he was peaking out on ecstasy, sweating and smoking constantly moving. And the singer was on a few pills, he was insane, in a good way... yeah I woke up at 4pm today, had some brekkie and went home.
I'll speak later, someone help me with my html and my stopping of sins. Werd out to Darren this awesome guy I met at Christian Convention in Newcastle 2 years ago. Although I'm not a christian now, that place was inspiring, and he's really great to talk to.
September 03, 2004  

A Lesbian Guide To Babymaking

A Lesbian Guide To Babymaking

Haha. I'm in English and we're doing work about Lesbians. What a great link. Shane Kavanagh says hi!
September 02, 2004  

werd to ghostbusters

When there's something strange, in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
If theres something weird and it don't look good, who ya gonna call?
Deedoodeedoodeedoodee (the funny electro bit)
I ain't afraid of no ghost!

I did my Business SAC yesterday, I think I did pretty well, and I've been staying up late for the last few nights... and I woke up this morning at about 5... went to the toilet (as you do) and just couldn't sleep, so I listened to a few hours of triple J, in bed. It was grand. The end


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