September 06, 2004  

chuck taylors and why i hate them.

I freaking hate little brand name punks who have no true sense of musical appreciation. Sure, I don't mind the old school punks, they're fine and dandy in their alternative ways, but new school little shit heads often come from upper-middle class backgrounds and went to private school. They've been 'emo' since Dashboard Confessional made it big, but now thats not so trendy anymore, so they claim to be 'screamo'.
What is it with the idea of non conformity and the contradiction by wearing Chucks? Personally, I have something against the trendiness of converse all stars among punks, when for alot of them, this time last year they were all out supporting avril. but now she's 'sold out' and then they go and try to ruin the scene of alot of good music and i just wanna KILL THEM ALL, by stabbing them repetively with a stanley knife, then slicing out their jugulur and feeding it to vultures, then tie them down, and cut open their chest, and wait for nature to take its toll. Of course there will be flesh eating viruses around to eat their shitty little conformist hearts out.

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