September 28, 2004  

Could you leave me with a scar

I have that damned catchy Missy Higgins song in my head. Too much Channel V hurts your head.
Well, the band in a bubble is officially over. Actually its been over for a few days, but I've been too lazy to blog about it. I thought it was great to see my friend's band sticker placed all around it, not that anyone would notice anyway. After reading a small bit about NGV at punkclown I realised its been months since I've actually gone to that gallery. I've been to the city a few times in the last few weeks considering its school holidays and all but
Oooh breaking newsflahs. I just farted, and it smells like Egg. Which is really strange, because I haven't eaten egg lately. Well, that I know of anyway.
I went to the show on Grand final day. Speaking of which, although I generally hate Adelaide, I'm glad Port won because it would just have been depressing if Brisbane won four years in a row. Anyway at the show I got a few different showbags. Including the Powerpuff Girls bag which came with a cute handbag and a wallet. Also got the Girlfriend bag, the Yumi bag and the Cadbury Pick n' mix bag.
I drank some herbal lemon drink, only when I finished it to find out that it had expired some 5 months ago and was quite possibly the reason I felt quesy for the next few days.

In other news, my boyfriend is the greatest. He's just.... wonderful. We had a little argument because I turned off the TV, when he was watching a cooking show, and he didn't talk to me, so I packed up my stuff and left. He came out and chased me like the subserviant little critter I raised and we hugged dramatically on the street. It was great. Anyway, my brother's telling me to get off, and my damn photobucket account is stuffing up again. Someone host me, PLEASE!!!! Goodbye for now!

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