September 24, 2004  

Food poison

Oh no, I barely attempt at actually cooking anything besides Toast, Frozen TV dinners and oatmeal and when I do, God smites me like a bitch!
Ok, admittedly, I probably should have fully rinsed the frying pan rather then quickly putting it under water and giving it a once over with a tea towel, but its too late for should haves and maybes isn't it?
My food contraption consisted of chicken thigh, prawns, peas and hoi sin sauce. There was little black bits all over it, but for some ungodknown reason, I ate it anyway. There was nothing else to eat that I hadn't eaten in the last few days.
Now I have work in an hour and my tummy is telling me to do something drastic... like vomit or shit.

In other news, I was FINALLY able to download The Eels - Susan's House. It's an awesome song, but abit of a rarity on Ares. It brings me back to watching Channel 10 Video Hits some seven years ago. Another awesome song, I'm not sure what era... anyway, its Brandy's cover of Another Day in Paradise.

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