September 05, 2004  

i said louie louie, ooh yayayayaya

The Kinks - Louie Louie.

Had an alright weekend. didn't get any homework done as per usual, and tried to change this layout, but its still shit. I have absolutely no concept of photoshop and ideas. Its freaknig insane. Someone give me a good idea, its carebears!!! FUCKING!!!
I went to a punk rock goth metal club last night, it was the same 'underground' place at CBD club where 3D, the saturday night ravy thing. it was pretty boring. everyone slammed alot and almost killed me. Well, not really. i was dressed like in street clothe
well there's that. says:
and i didn't have anything'punk rock'
well there's that. says:
but luckily there was a fair few people there in normal clothes
well there's that. says:
i saw this local metal band at Deviate called Catwitch. They sounded like metallica, but dressed like a truckie version of kiss with the full make up, and extra long hair. They were all big and blokey, and the lead singer had metallic baby skulls on his knee caps, 3 each side. Damn I wish I could have taken a photo. It was funny. I want to go to peril, in the city. The guy, went to see, my boyfriend's friend, was playing on bass in the band before, and he was peaking out on ecstasy, sweating and smoking constantly moving. And the singer was on a few pills, he was insane, in a good way... yeah I woke up at 4pm today, had some brekkie and went home.
I'll speak later, someone help me with my html and my stopping of sins. Werd out to Darren this awesome guy I met at Christian Convention in Newcastle 2 years ago. Although I'm not a christian now, that place was inspiring, and he's really great to talk to.

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