September 20, 2004  
Listening to Everclear - Summerland.

I drove with Mum all around the local suburbs so she could work. (She Drops off loads of junkmail to people's houses who deliver them) And it was so reminiscent of me... every other street I saw a house where I knew someone who lived there once. From one girl at Primary school who was excluded by her year level so she hung out with us youngens, and then a person I used to be friends with until we got drunk and yada yada yada. Then there's the girl I know who went to Adelaide for a year to work off a $4000 debt. She was 17 and managed to get herself a credit card. Who the hell does that? I remember getting shitfaced on $12 cocktails with her.
It was my sister's birthday yesterday, she had the traditional 16th party, where her little friends came around. It was rather cute, most of the girls were wearing heels, and I laughed as they dug into the grass. I really don't know my alcohol tolerance, I only had about three or four beers, and one shot of Galliano, but when I went to my room hours later, as soon as I laid down I vomited. Just before I started vomiting my dad walked in the room to check out how I was. I've never been that munted infront of my dad. He did the fatherly sweet thing and cleaned up my bed, then Mum went and cleaned the sheets and the doona. Next thing I remember, Mum was lying next to me in my bed while I blabbered about how I'm worried about my pregnant friend and how all my friends are drug fucks, and that exams are scaring me and pretty much rambled on until she calmed me down. I'm all cool now but I had one hell of a hangover this morning.
I downloaded the Jimi Hendrix set at Woodstock, and its awesome. I really wish I could have been around America then. It's such a shame that an awesome concert like that has ended up in rape and murder in the last few years. Fucking hell, why has the basic incentives of people changed? Why is evil such a good thing these days?

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