September 29, 2004  
My parents are going to Canberra tonight for 2 days. Yay! Party in the house! I'm already listening to shitty techno and thinking about alcohol. Not that I have any money cuz the silly dipshits didn't leave me with the $35 that they OWE me. Now I'm just going to have to wait until I get paid from Pumpkin Patch. I thought I was going to get paid yesterday, but no... fortnightly payments apparantly come in AFTER the holidays.
HOW GAYTARDED IS THAT? I've been comment whoring around the web lately. Incase you couldn't tell, because normally I would NOT have 10 comments on one blog entry. I'm working on a new layout. I just suck with all HTML and imaging, but for some reason, I think that I'm ok at writing. I'm not one of those people who are constantly on Hiatus. Damn Hiatus! Why use such a pretty Hawaiin word to describe STOPPING something? Thats what it essentially is. Geez Louise.
Anyway, I'm looking forward tonight, hopefully getting quite the smashed bunny that I truly am supposed to be. I haven't been sloshed this whole holidays, I think its about time I start.
Reccomended downloaded: Ween - Voodoo Lady, Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap, The Velvet Underground - Oh sweet Nothin', Presidents of the USA - Kitty.
Rightio then, I'm done. Go eat some fruit, RIGHT NOW before the acid eats your insides. Rararara.
P.S. I love Modi. She wants to host me. Maybe that means more people will visit me!

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