September 09, 2004  
Oh how pathetic. My eyes are going to hurt something chronic, I'm sitting in the computer room and the light's blown, and it'll probably take dad afew days to replace it. Yeah good one, faja! It's coming up to peak time with the exams, and I'm busy as a little nymphomanic bee trying to find an equally slutty bird to fuck. Ok so I changed the old saying abit, kill me why dontcha?

Friday: Business Management SAC: Change in Human Resources
English SAC: Playschool's rights to show two lesbian mothers.
Work for a catering company for as long as I can without dying.
Saturday: A 'surprise' with the boy. We went and had coffee today, walnut cake isn't *that* nice, honestly guys. Nuts shouldn't go in cake. It defies sweet nature. Then Jade's party, down the road kind of.
Sunday: Going to rocknbowl to see the last addiction 64 gig ever! They used to be a great ska band, big ska band, that rocked out and saw its peak in about 2000, or a few years before.
Next Week: Lots of SACS. I don't even want to think about it. No, its not that, its that I can't be fucked checking when they are. A few new links were added to the blog roll, and I'm going to try to make a new layout

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