September 15, 2004  


I was just today talking to my friends about the catharsis (I can't spell) of writing. It can be very therapeutic, just getting stuff out. I don't really put many of my thoughts in this blog any more, its more like a collection of pictures and random notes of "Argh! My layout doesn't work". But although my father tells me otherwise, I don't think I can write very well. I should probably post up some essays and fictional pieces. I went to Southland today after school. Damn cleptomania is a horrible thing, isn't it? I got a little impractical cat toy or something, a tealight candle holder. And I bought candles, and a piece of BBQ chicken pizza from the place next to Macca's. Rene and I decided to have an anti-corporate company lunch and I got pizza, while he got a cheesy buritto and wedges.

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