October 31, 2004  
Requiem for a dream soundtrack. Here's hoping the link will work. I saw this movie again yesterday and it is brilliant. I honestly love it. Plus, its one of the only things working on my DVD player. Grrr. cheap dodgy shit. AND to top it all off, my Sony Atrac Discman doesn't work!!! I lost the remote once, whilst in a high state of mind ;) and yeah, now grrr. Plus I lost my old phone and camera almost 6 months ago. WAH!!!!!

I've been good, I did a few hours of study consecutively just then! Hoorah for me! Will figure this thing out soon. But anyway I must be off. I only decided to blog while downloading soundtracks. Tata!

October 30, 2004  
greymatter is really not my thing. i followed all the instructions but its like NEOWWW! WE'RE STUPID FUCKING GREYMATTER!! WE ARE THE COLLABERATION OF ALL THE EVIL LITTLE THINGS IN THE WORLD THAT MAKE YOU GO FUCK!
Ahem, on that note, I've been foruming like a bitch at Punk'd and Decay. Go be nice and merry

October 22, 2004  
hey kids, i've moved along now, so scurry along to http://www.sexy-nerd.com/embo/

October 17, 2004  

i don't even know why i'm posting this as no-one can see my layout.

Oh me oh my, I've got the layout up, but its being a gay tard on me and not showing the html again. Grrr. Had a great weekend with Jo, everythings going pretty well, I really should catch up on school stuff, with 4 days left to go, and 10 days left till the English Exam, but I haven't. I'm currently burning a DVD, (I stole a 10 pack of DVDs from Big W, teehee I'm so naughty) and its called Novocaine.. haven't seen it, but yeah. Ooh, for my five month anniversary with Noddy, He gave me hearts and kisses chocolate and the May DVD. Anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly reccomend to go see it. Oh you will also notice for now I don't have links up so I'll do some dope-ass plugs.

For now, here's some random questionnaire thing

1. What's your name spelt backwards? Amme (it sounds great backwards on tape)

2. Where you named after anyone, if so who? Nup, piss off.

3. If you have twins will you call them matching names like Bill and Bob? No, fucktard and cum face.

P4. What do you plan on calling your kids? Too many suggestions, Joshua, Ryan, Jimmy, Michael, Rain, Rose, India, Tania, Anastacia, Taya

5. What's the most weird name you've ever come across? Bobo Jr.

October 13, 2004  

my new layout is a coming soon, a work is shown above... now I know its really simple, but I've been trying for ages and keep manging everying the html up, so can someone make me a basic table for a webpage with this as a background and this as a logo. I'm pathetic I know! If anyone can make me a html layout with this, and possibly a side bar of side content on the right down on the plane? Oh me oh my!

October 11, 2004  
For schoolies, my friend decided to write out a comprehensive paper stating whats happening and the needs and what not. That's all well and good, but the fact that we're going to the middle of nowhere, (really, the closest town consists of a milkbar and a payphone, 20 km away) doesn't help our deal. When she talked about transportation details, it just said "By car." It doesn't help that only one person with a car is definately coming, there are two other maybes. Emphasis on maybe. We have 11 definates, and only one of those definates has a car. And his car breaks down every 5 seconds. It stalls all the time and is desperately in need of a check up but no, he'd rather spend his money on ectsasy. Oh well, each to their own.

I hate people, no really I do.
October 05, 2004  
Oh woe is me. I wrote a really great post about how blood and bones being put on gardens and how much I hate it, but it was deleted and is now somewhere out there in bloggers evil "we're a huge website and don't like the little guy, so we'll delete their entry" collection. It isn't a conspiracy, its the truth I tell you!
I still haven't had a chance to play the Sims 2... as I don't have a copy of it, and am not willing to pay $80 for it.
I'm right in the midst of my practise exams and its killing me! I'm over year 12... I did half of my lit practise exam today before I realised that I had two minutes to catch a bus to meet this guy I know who's selling me his old tv. The reason I really want this TV so badly is because my Dad went out and bought me a DVD player yesterday for my other TV that I got the day before yesterday. Only problem being that the TV I just got is the shittest piece of technology.ever. It's really old and doesn't have AV plugs, so I can't connect anything up to it. It only has one hole, and thats for the satellite, which is stuffed anyway, because it doesn't get any more reception.
So now I have a TV sitting in my room which receieves one channel, which is only half visible, and a DVD player sitting in a box, waiting to be used. I feel a sense of personified sympathy towards it. Is that pathetic? Probably, but I don't care really.
Tommorows the practise english exam, which goes for three hours. I really hope I don't need to piss during the exam, cuz that would suck. Business is tommorow also.
Grrr. Damn school.
October 02, 2004  
The Melbourne underage scene, although I will only be a part of it for another 3 months, is under threat. Go Sign the petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/826796723 Check the website www.jackknife-music.com for a more detailed article. I don't know as to how many people they're trying to get, but please, I have had some of my best times at underage shows in the city, so anyone who loves live music should help out with a signature. Thanks :)

In other news, I'm still working on a new layout. A few ideas
here and coming shortly

October 01, 2004  

oh no!! its me with the last cone!

I really like this, I found it on deviant art, but lost the source... bad.
I am making a new layout, and I'm moving off to sexy-nerd.com hoorah. I've put up a whole heap of links, and anyone who comments gets added on my blogroll. More commentry later. For now.


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