October 17, 2004  

i don't even know why i'm posting this as no-one can see my layout.

Oh me oh my, I've got the layout up, but its being a gay tard on me and not showing the html again. Grrr. Had a great weekend with Jo, everythings going pretty well, I really should catch up on school stuff, with 4 days left to go, and 10 days left till the English Exam, but I haven't. I'm currently burning a DVD, (I stole a 10 pack of DVDs from Big W, teehee I'm so naughty) and its called Novocaine.. haven't seen it, but yeah. Ooh, for my five month anniversary with Noddy, He gave me hearts and kisses chocolate and the May DVD. Anyone who hasn't seen it, I highly reccomend to go see it. Oh you will also notice for now I don't have links up so I'll do some dope-ass plugs.

For now, here's some random questionnaire thing

1. What's your name spelt backwards? Amme (it sounds great backwards on tape)

2. Where you named after anyone, if so who? Nup, piss off.

3. If you have twins will you call them matching names like Bill and Bob? No, fucktard and cum face.

P4. What do you plan on calling your kids? Too many suggestions, Joshua, Ryan, Jimmy, Michael, Rain, Rose, India, Tania, Anastacia, Taya

5. What's the most weird name you've ever come across? Bobo Jr.

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