October 05, 2004  
Oh woe is me. I wrote a really great post about how blood and bones being put on gardens and how much I hate it, but it was deleted and is now somewhere out there in bloggers evil "we're a huge website and don't like the little guy, so we'll delete their entry" collection. It isn't a conspiracy, its the truth I tell you!
I still haven't had a chance to play the Sims 2... as I don't have a copy of it, and am not willing to pay $80 for it.
I'm right in the midst of my practise exams and its killing me! I'm over year 12... I did half of my lit practise exam today before I realised that I had two minutes to catch a bus to meet this guy I know who's selling me his old tv. The reason I really want this TV so badly is because my Dad went out and bought me a DVD player yesterday for my other TV that I got the day before yesterday. Only problem being that the TV I just got is the shittest piece of technology.ever. It's really old and doesn't have AV plugs, so I can't connect anything up to it. It only has one hole, and thats for the satellite, which is stuffed anyway, because it doesn't get any more reception.
So now I have a TV sitting in my room which receieves one channel, which is only half visible, and a DVD player sitting in a box, waiting to be used. I feel a sense of personified sympathy towards it. Is that pathetic? Probably, but I don't care really.
Tommorows the practise english exam, which goes for three hours. I really hope I don't need to piss during the exam, cuz that would suck. Business is tommorow also.
Grrr. Damn school.

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