November 30, 2004  
Yay! for a costume party coming up with the theme of "W", I went op shopping with my friend Liam at the salvo's, a few church run second hand shops and a department store style op shop. We also went to a fabric shop, a few clothes shops, and Go-Lo.. which is the poxiest shop around.I loooooooooved it. I'm dragging along my boyfriend to the party as Wally as in, Where's Wally. And I'm going as his girlfriend, Wanda. The only problem was trying to get red and white horizontally striped tops and matching red and white beanies.... AHHH its impossible. It seems every colour combination in stripey pattern existed in the local stores except for red and white. I finally found one at Best And Less which was cool.Anyway..yeahit was fun.And I saw a really big hobo who was drunk and standing near the local train station. He started yelling something at us, and these other guys that were there. And I was scared as I thought he would hit me or chase me or something...

Oh, something on a message board said something about how holding hands is cute... This was my response. I get so pansy.

Holding hands is great, because its a sign of innocence... and we all know that innocence is a beautiful reminds me of may gibbs photography. (I THINK thats who it was who did all the photos of the little kids holding hands)and when you like someone who you've liked for ages.. just holding their hand sends your heart racing.omg i'm such a little romanticnow thinking though, all sorts of tokens of affection are beautiful in their own way, eg. cuddling is very soft and warming . hugs are universal. they are a sign of friendship, closeness and love. sex is beautiful as one can express through sheer physical desire.

November 29, 2004  
Put up new fanlistings! fan listings a hoy there!
I put up a new layout... Also word out to anyone who still goes to my blogspot account.. You can see the blog better at Going to a cocktail party very soon for work... I think all drinks are shouted.
check out my deviantart

November 28, 2004  

I can't feel my leg

I sit so strangely sometimes.. I just got the biggest cramp in my knee. Argh.
The newest album proposed to download is Hanson, post-Middle of Nowhere. I just felt like it. The weather here in Melbourne has been ridiculous.. it rained the other night and the next day it was 35 degrees or something. So bloody hot. I spent the whole day lounging around and occassionally swimming in our newly cleaned pool. I went to some 18th last night at a hall. The hall was tiny, so me and my mates kept nicking off to random places nearby to have a smoke. Oh, and what a good one it was. Speaking of which, I smoked with my brother before. He's always telling me off for smoking so much, but yeah, shits goin' down for him so he wanted a toke.
Ahem anyway, Modi, my granderistic host, has a fantabulous new layout and is polite and charming as ever.
I can't spell.
Anyway, I've putten new pictures up on my deviantart page so check it out now. I made a new layout, but of course it wouldn't want to work cuz that would just make it useful now wouldn't it?~?~?~?~~?~

I'M OFF SENORITOS TACOLIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!...!1 love you all.

November 24, 2004  
Man, I really think I have the worst diet ever. I hesitate in using the word diet, because its not that at all. A diet implies some restriction on what you eat. I just ate fried Flake and chips from the local fish and chip shop, yesterday I ate half a chicken and cheesy potatos, as well as a Superchoc Drumstick (its an icecream) and I haven't eaten any fruit in ages.
For gods sake, I don't even eat salads or anything when I cook sausages. I'm surprised I'm not an obese mofo.

November 22, 2004  
I just wrote a huge ass blog and then it went and deleted itself on me. Fucking internet. Hate it. Anyway, here's a quick summary of what's been happening, cuz I'm a lazy sod who can't be stuffed writing it all up again. Be warned, sentances may not link properly or make any sense.

Finished exams. Yay. Now.. waiting 3 weeks till schoolies. Haven't done anything since school finished, except watched various DVDs and had to live without the internet.. I accidentally got a virus on there. Whoopsy.

On the weekend, went to a 28 Days gig at the local town hall with the boyfriend. That was the start of our 6 month anniversary celebrations. After that, he took me to a surprise place.. it was a hotel, and he'd spent ages trying to find one that had a spa. So it had a spa and a double bed, and it was called a suite. Oooh lala, so fancy in the pants I may just call them slacks. Yeah alright... I bet no-one understood my silly joke. I don't even really understand it. Anyway.... the night was pretty cool, except by the time we got there it was midnight and we still hadn't had dinner, so we ended up walking around for an hour trying to find a place that sold food. We finally settled on prepackaged sandwiches from the service station, although Jo originally rejected it. Obviously some people are too good for service station food. Not me though, I'll eat almost anything.

almost. Not that shitty purple lettuce they call "gourmet lettuce" when really not even rabbits touch it.

November 09, 2004  

Finally got around to watching the Conan O'Brian 10th Anniversary DVD, its pretty good, the special features on it are almost as long as the actual show, although bits of it are repeated from the show. I'm a special features junkie... hehehe. Shoot them good bits right up, baby.

Good news! Schoolies is back on! Woot woot woot woot. It means I won't be posting from the 10th to the 13th of December, so I better hurry up and tell work. My friends are all going to a rave in Ballarat, and staying in a caravan park for a few days. Seeing as I hate techno, ecstasy and large crowds of dickheads I'm spending one night alone in the house, but I think I'll have all I need to keep myself occupied. We've rented out a cottage somewhere, and a friend suitably has named it "Cheese". Get it? Cottage... cheese? Oh nevermind.My hoboness has tripled in the last 24 hours. Its almosty 8 pm and I still haven't showered today. I haven't really had a need to though, only went out of the house to pick something up from the chemist, and I really couldn't care less what they think about my hygiene. Anywho, off for now, thanks for reading my overshare of informatio

November 08, 2004  
ooh heaven is a place on earth. go eighties. eat your heart out madonna. 3 more exams to go. Yikes! Then I'm a free girl. In no particular order, it goes contemporary australian society, business management, and media (journalism)
argh. i put up a new layout. i still suck at graphics so i made this one pretty simple, the background is from squidfingers. and the pic of the girl is from... some website i can't remember. sorry!!!!

November 03, 2004  

poetry is gay

Literature exam tommorow. *bites fingernails*. this is the first one I've had to do in a week, and I won't have another one until a week later. Oh me oh my, exams are crap. But thats what I've been saying for ages. Actually.. thats all I've had to talk about. HOW BORING AM I?!?!
I went to Hungry Jacks today, and started laughing cuz this guy who used to go to my school was working full time there. I'm like "Ehehehehehehe, you work at HJ's? YOU SAD BASTARD!"lol. I felt abit bad cuz I said it infront of all the other HJ workers, but hey, they probably don't have enough intelligence to even figure out that I was bagging them. Because THATS not a stereotype or anything.
I am outraged that Hungry Jacks no longer sells 95c cheeseburgers. Where will I get a lunch for less then a dollar now?
Anywho, must be off to bed to get a good night's sleep, and dream of all things Chekhov and Blake. :)

November 01, 2004  
Happy Halloween everyone. It's almost 2 am here. I just put up a new layout, but it doesn't really work. Werd out to and also to Um yeah, made a new layout, obviously its not working. The image map is stuffing up for now. but um yeah


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