November 09, 2004  

Finally got around to watching the Conan O'Brian 10th Anniversary DVD, its pretty good, the special features on it are almost as long as the actual show, although bits of it are repeated from the show. I'm a special features junkie... hehehe. Shoot them good bits right up, baby.

Good news! Schoolies is back on! Woot woot woot woot. It means I won't be posting from the 10th to the 13th of December, so I better hurry up and tell work. My friends are all going to a rave in Ballarat, and staying in a caravan park for a few days. Seeing as I hate techno, ecstasy and large crowds of dickheads I'm spending one night alone in the house, but I think I'll have all I need to keep myself occupied. We've rented out a cottage somewhere, and a friend suitably has named it "Cheese". Get it? Cottage... cheese? Oh nevermind.My hoboness has tripled in the last 24 hours. Its almosty 8 pm and I still haven't showered today. I haven't really had a need to though, only went out of the house to pick something up from the chemist, and I really couldn't care less what they think about my hygiene. Anywho, off for now, thanks for reading my overshare of informatio

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