November 28, 2004  

I can't feel my leg

I sit so strangely sometimes.. I just got the biggest cramp in my knee. Argh.
The newest album proposed to download is Hanson, post-Middle of Nowhere. I just felt like it. The weather here in Melbourne has been ridiculous.. it rained the other night and the next day it was 35 degrees or something. So bloody hot. I spent the whole day lounging around and occassionally swimming in our newly cleaned pool. I went to some 18th last night at a hall. The hall was tiny, so me and my mates kept nicking off to random places nearby to have a smoke. Oh, and what a good one it was. Speaking of which, I smoked with my brother before. He's always telling me off for smoking so much, but yeah, shits goin' down for him so he wanted a toke.
Ahem anyway, Modi, my granderistic host, has a fantabulous new layout and is polite and charming as ever.
I can't spell.
Anyway, I've putten new pictures up on my deviantart page so check it out now. I made a new layout, but of course it wouldn't want to work cuz that would just make it useful now wouldn't it?~?~?~?~~?~

I'M OFF SENORITOS TACOLIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!...!1 love you all.

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