November 22, 2004  
I just wrote a huge ass blog and then it went and deleted itself on me. Fucking internet. Hate it. Anyway, here's a quick summary of what's been happening, cuz I'm a lazy sod who can't be stuffed writing it all up again. Be warned, sentances may not link properly or make any sense.

Finished exams. Yay. Now.. waiting 3 weeks till schoolies. Haven't done anything since school finished, except watched various DVDs and had to live without the internet.. I accidentally got a virus on there. Whoopsy.

On the weekend, went to a 28 Days gig at the local town hall with the boyfriend. That was the start of our 6 month anniversary celebrations. After that, he took me to a surprise place.. it was a hotel, and he'd spent ages trying to find one that had a spa. So it had a spa and a double bed, and it was called a suite. Oooh lala, so fancy in the pants I may just call them slacks. Yeah alright... I bet no-one understood my silly joke. I don't even really understand it. Anyway.... the night was pretty cool, except by the time we got there it was midnight and we still hadn't had dinner, so we ended up walking around for an hour trying to find a place that sold food. We finally settled on prepackaged sandwiches from the service station, although Jo originally rejected it. Obviously some people are too good for service station food. Not me though, I'll eat almost anything.

almost. Not that shitty purple lettuce they call "gourmet lettuce" when really not even rabbits touch it.

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