November 03, 2004  

poetry is gay

Literature exam tommorow. *bites fingernails*. this is the first one I've had to do in a week, and I won't have another one until a week later. Oh me oh my, exams are crap. But thats what I've been saying for ages. Actually.. thats all I've had to talk about. HOW BORING AM I?!?!
I went to Hungry Jacks today, and started laughing cuz this guy who used to go to my school was working full time there. I'm like "Ehehehehehehe, you work at HJ's? YOU SAD BASTARD!"lol. I felt abit bad cuz I said it infront of all the other HJ workers, but hey, they probably don't have enough intelligence to even figure out that I was bagging them. Because THATS not a stereotype or anything.
I am outraged that Hungry Jacks no longer sells 95c cheeseburgers. Where will I get a lunch for less then a dollar now?
Anywho, must be off to bed to get a good night's sleep, and dream of all things Chekhov and Blake. :)

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