November 30, 2004  
Yay! for a costume party coming up with the theme of "W", I went op shopping with my friend Liam at the salvo's, a few church run second hand shops and a department store style op shop. We also went to a fabric shop, a few clothes shops, and Go-Lo.. which is the poxiest shop around.I loooooooooved it. I'm dragging along my boyfriend to the party as Wally as in, Where's Wally. And I'm going as his girlfriend, Wanda. The only problem was trying to get red and white horizontally striped tops and matching red and white beanies.... AHHH its impossible. It seems every colour combination in stripey pattern existed in the local stores except for red and white. I finally found one at Best And Less which was cool.Anyway..yeahit was fun.And I saw a really big hobo who was drunk and standing near the local train station. He started yelling something at us, and these other guys that were there. And I was scared as I thought he would hit me or chase me or something...

Oh, something on a message board said something about how holding hands is cute... This was my response. I get so pansy.

Holding hands is great, because its a sign of innocence... and we all know that innocence is a beautiful reminds me of may gibbs photography. (I THINK thats who it was who did all the photos of the little kids holding hands)and when you like someone who you've liked for ages.. just holding their hand sends your heart racing.omg i'm such a little romanticnow thinking though, all sorts of tokens of affection are beautiful in their own way, eg. cuddling is very soft and warming . hugs are universal. they are a sign of friendship, closeness and love. sex is beautiful as one can express through sheer physical desire.

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